Diagram / flowchart editor with Gliffy

Gliffy Online is the most widely used online diagramming application.

Create and share professional-quality flowcharts, network diagrams, floor plans, user interface designs and other drawings online.



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Key Features

  • Easy to use: just drag-and-drop shapes from an extensive library. No expertise needed
  • Publish and share easily: with just a click, Gliffy gives you a URL to a read-only version of your diagram. You can also easily embed your image into your wikis, blogs and hosted office applications
  • Add diagrams to your other documents: save your diagram as a .JPG, .PNG, or .SVG and enhance your word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and web pages by adding your diagrams directly into your files
  • Collaborate instantly with anyone: email your friends and Gliffy will automatically notify them you have invited them to collaborate. They’ll receive a URL and temporary password to a free account
  • Protect and track changes: Gliffy’s revision control feature automatically keeps a copy every time a document is saved, so you can track changes or revert to an earlier version






For casual users
5 diagrams
2 MB storage space
No private diagrams





/month paid monthly


/month paid annually


For power users
200 diagrams
200 MB storage space
Visio import
Google Drive integration
200 private diagrams




/month paid monthly


/month paid annually


Full-features, no limits
Unlimited diagrams
Unlimited storage space
Visio import
Google Drive integration

Unlimited private diagrams

Cancel at any time


Additional Information

  • Google Drive Integration: create, open, and edit Gliffy documents directly from Google Drive so you can manage, access, and share your diagrams from any computer or device
  • Import Visio Documents: the import functionality now supports Visio. Open, edit, and save all your old diagrams using Gliffy Online

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