Magento / Brightpearl integration

A powerful integration between Brightpearl and Magento that allows you to have an advanced inventory management solution behind the fastest growing ecommerce platform on the market.



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Key Features

  • Order download from Magento to Brightpearl: Magento is pulled every 7 minutes for new orders. Customer creation & inventory allocation
  • Sales receipt from Magento to Brightpearl: if order is paid by card / Paypal. Paypal payments into Paypal account
  • Inventory & pricing updates from Brightpearl to Magento: uses on-hand values from selected warehouse(s) depending on channel settings
  • Shipment upload from Brightpearl to Magento: in real time when goods out note is shipped
  • Supports multiple Magento accounts
  • Supports discounts & coupons as order lines
  • Suppports guest checkout (creates a CRM contact)
  • Supports up to 4 variant attributes per product
  • Works with Magento Go, Magento Community (from 1.6.2) & Magento Enterprise (from
  • Brightpearl connectors available for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, ekmPowershop & Bigcommerce